Gerrard Dixon

Gerrard graduated with Masters of Photography in 1997 from the University of Tasmania.  Working mainly with found and handmade transparent objects in the place of photographic negatives, he would create large format colour analogue prints.  The realm of the photographic negative was for Gerrard a flexible thing accepting a mark or signature on transparency to be representational to the moment of occurrence just as the photographic negative or digital image.  Scanning objects at high resolution has now taken over the analogue process.

 "I am interested in the subtle visual world and the relationship between the effects of turbulence and natural forces.  "Gobbeldygook" and "woowoo" are my inspiration for they allow patterns of thought to create apophenia and paredolia which many say is the mind's way of dealing with random data.  Whereas I am open to the idea that a super nature guides the motion of turbulence like a meaningful coincidence to reveal images of projected meaning, the power of subtle forces in our daily lives goes UN-noticed.  For me this manner of image making is one way of peering into this hidden aspect of reality."

Materials I work with include acetate, acrylic medium and a variety of inks dyes and natural ingredients.  
Gerrard Dixon 2013